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    We can significantly reduce cash flow limitations by allowing you to pay for your Cisco� solution over time, but now, for a limited time, we are providing interest free financing on your next Cisco purchase.

  • What We Do

    CNG Delivers A Communications Advantage We design and build scalable and cost effective Unified Communications infrastructures leveraging our extensive expertise in Network Architecture, Voice and Video over IP, Network Security, Wireless Networking and Mobility solutions.

  • Unified Communications/ Voice (VOIP)

    Unified Communications (UC) combines voice, data, e-mail, video and mobile applications into a single, unified system with powerful new business tools to gain a true competitive advantage.

  • Network Design & Implementation (LAN, WAN, WIRELESS)

    CNG Unicom's design and implementation services team will integrate your new network systems or technologies with your business objectives, while keeping your mission-critical operations up and running.